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C.A.S. No. 130-22-3
CI NO. 58005
M.F. C14H7NaO7S
M.W. 342.26gm/mole


Dye Content (by Spectrophotometry) >70%
Transition Range pH 4.3-6.3
pH 9.4-12.0
Brown Orange-Violet
Solubility 0.1% (Dist. Water) Clear solution
Absorption Max (0.1N NaOH) ?1max 553-559nm
Absorption Max (0.1N NaOH) ?2max 592-599nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm at 556 ?1max) >350
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm at 595 ?2max) >325
Loss On Drying (110°C) <5%
Suitability for microscopy Passes test

Gspchem manufactures purest grade of Alizarin Red S in the pH Indicators industry of world market .Alizarin Red S is a water-soluble sodium salt of Alizarin sulfonic acid .It was discovered by Graebe and Libermann in 1871. The chemical formula for Alizarin Red S is C14H7NaO7S.In the histology field , Alizarin Red S is been used to stain calcium deposits in tissue .In the geology field ,it is used to stain and differentiate carbonate minerals. Its Molecular weight is 360.28gm/mole. Gspchem is well known in the world market as an Alizarin Red S manufacturer.

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