• GSP successfully develops and manufactures 3 more products.

    With competitive R&D, GSP Chem has developed few more products to its manufacturing .

    Pyrogallol Red

    Bromopyrogallol Red

    Pyrocatechol Violet

    Methyl Blue

    Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonate (ACS)

    The specifications of each of them are available in the Product page of the website. Or may click here:

    GSP Chem always believes in development of all its products with global standards and superior quality.

  • GSP Chem enters into the fray of developing 1-Naphtholbenzein

    After developing all the pH Indicators for regular titrimetric analysis, GSP Chem has now developed 1-Naphtholbenzein and is exploring commercial viability of the project for its usage in non-aqueous titration. In line for more indicators for non-aqueous titration are thymolbenzein, cresolbenzein and resorcinolbenzein. The specifications and COA for 1-Naphtholbenzein are available on request as of now. Contact us on for your inquiries on 1-Naphtholbenzein

  • The Corporate Video

    The long awaited Corporate Video is up and running. Check it out by clicking here:

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